Beijing Travel Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Beijing

About Beijing: At a Glance

Beijing is one of China's most popular destinations.

As the capital for centuries, it is home to the world's largest ancient palace complex – the Forbidden City.

In addition, the Great Wall is a must-visit for every tourist. As an amalgam of ancient relics and modern metropolis, Beijing is absolutely one of the great cities worthy of exploration.

Beijing: Know Before You Go

✈️ Airport: 

  • Beijing Capital International Airport(code: PEK)
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport(code: PKX)

🚄High-speed trains:

There are over 10 high-speed train stations that can take you to Beijing, allowing you to depart from major cities all across China.

⏰ Time Zone: China Standard Time(GMT+8)

💰 Currency: CNY(Chinese Yuan). China currently widely adopts cashless payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay. I suggest setting them up before your arrival in China.

🗣 Language: Mandarin is the official language, along with various dialects. Only a small portion of people speak English.

🎫 China Visa: Most visitors from Europe and the Americas require visas for Beijing, including Americans, Canadians, and most Europeans. You can learn more about Chinese visas here.

🔌 Plug Converter: China's electrical outlets are incompatible with American and European plugs – you can get universal adapters here.

⚡Voltage Converter: In most cases, the voltage range in China is suitable for a variety of electrical devices. However, if you're using high-power appliances, you might need to purchase a voltage converter.

📳 China SIM Card: Having a Chinese SIM card is necessary because most online services in China require a Chinese phone number for registration and verification purposes.

🌐VPN services: As is widely known, China has blocked access to many popular international websites. You'll need a VPN to bypass the firewall, and rest assured, it's a secure way to do so. Here you can find the best VPN in China.

🚑Travel insurance: A single accidental fall could potentially land you in trouble. Don't forget to secure travel insurance for your safety.

📱Essential apps:

  • WeChat and Alipay — For cashless payments.
  • DiDi — For calling a cab, like Uber and Lyft.
  • Pleco — For translation and dictionary.
  • Baidu Map or — For navigation.

Check out the best China travel APPs here.

Best Things to See and Do in Beijing

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City(The Palace Museum)

The Great WallBadaling Great Wall

The Great Wall(Badaling Great Wall)

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven