16 Best Things to Do in Beijing at Night [2023]


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Have you enjoyed Beijing's nightlife before? As the capital of China, Beijing shows a side at night that is vastly different from the daytime.

As a frequent visitor to Beijing, I've experienced the city's exciting nightlife firsthand.

Whether you want to join the locals for karaoke or check out the avant-garde art scene, see a traditional Peking opera or go bar-hopping into the wee hours, Beijing has it all.

The night is young in this city that never sleeps! Get ready for an illuminating tour of Beijing's hottest nightlife destinations, most interesting after-dark activities, and can't-miss nocturnal sights.

Let's explore the many wonders of Beijing after sunset!

Beijing Nightlife for Foreigners

1.Appreciate the Night View of Famous Attractions

Don't miss the night views of these famous spots.

These places may be too crowded during the day, but at night they become empty, and some performances and light shows are only open at night.

Temple of Heaven Park, Bird's Nest Stadium, and Jingshan Park at night are the most beautiful night views I've seen in Beijing.

Even, you can also choose to hike the Great Wall at night, or walk along Chang'an Avenue.

Here are some of Beijing's most famous sights.

🌟Best Beijing Night Tours

2.Night Ride in the Evening Breeze

Cycling is the freest way to tour at night in Beijing, and you don't have to endure the high temperatures and sun exposure during the day.

Night riding on Chang'an Avenue is a relatively popular nighttime activity, many people go there to take pictures.

Then you can ride around the surrounding hutongs, enjoying food and the bustling crowds.

If you like natural scenery, you can also go to Shichahai and Jingshan Park, where there are beautiful lake views and lush vegetation.

In addition, the Wetland Park is very quiet, and you can enjoy the beautiful lotus flowers.

🌟Best Beijing Night Ride Tours

3.Night Tour to Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall is the first section of the Great Wall in Beijing that opened for night tours, and is adjacent to the beautiful Gubei Water Town.

When you climb to the top of the Great Wall, you can overlook the entire Gubei Water Town, like glowing pearls scattered in the darkness.

Gubei is a beautiful waterside town, where many performances are held at night, including flying Kongming lanterns, drone shows, and 3D water shows.

I like to go back to a small bar in the town after hiking the Great Wall, find a window seat, drink while taking in the sight and sound of the whole town.

Oh, it's really relaxing!

🌟Best Beijing Simatai Great Wall Night Tours

4.Night Hiking on Mutianyu Great Wall or Badaling Great Wall

Are you still worried about the crowded Badaling or Mutianyu Great Wall sections during the day, like sardines in a can?

Why not try hiking the Great Wall at night then!

No scorching heat and crowds. The glowing wall and watchtowers add more atmosphere.

However, Badaling Great Wall is quite steep, with very tall steps, so night climbing is more challenging.

I also don't recommend the cable car, because I found it pitch dark and you can barely see any sights.

🌟Best Beijing Mutianyu And Badaling Great Wall Night Tours

5.Camp on the Great Wall

Do you like camping or want to try it? Camping on site after climbing the Upper Great Wall is a great experience.

The nights are very quiet, you can hear all kinds of insects and the breeze through the trees.

You can also choose to camp at the top of the mountain, then wake up early to watch a sunrise, breathe the fresh air at the summit, and get perfect sunrise photos.

I usually bring my own camping gear, because I have friends living in Beijing.

If you haven't prepared in advance, you can join some tour groups, they provide full camping equipment.

🌟Best Beijing Great Wall Camping Tours

6.Watch an Exciting Acrobatic Show

The Beijing Chaoyang Acrobatic Troupe is a prestigious Chinese acrobatic troupe, known for their thrilling acrobatic moves and heart-stopping teamwork.

Almost every visitor to Beijing chooses to watch an acrobatic show at night.

The most exciting act is the solo chair stacking, where the performer climbs up a 10m tall stack of chairs and does various high-difficulty moves on it.

There is also the motorcycle act, which is very popular, with 4 motorcycles riding simultaneously inside a large metal hoop, showcasing great team coordination.

🌟Best Beijing Chaoyang Acrobatic Tours

7.Watch Traditional Chinese Peking Opera

Peking opera, or jingju, is a cherished performing art in China blending music, vocal performance, mime, dance, and acrobatics.

With over 200 years of history, it is considered one of the cultural treasures of China.

Performers wear extravagant costumes and symbolic, stylized makeup.

Accompanied by music, singing in classical dialects or special vocabulary, and elegant dance moves, they act out traditional Chinese stories.

You may have a hard time understanding it, but it's still a unique experience.

🌟Best Beijing Opera Show Tours

8.Night Walking to Find Delicious Food and Bars in Hutong

Beijing's hutongs are lively even in the evenings, and you should definitely spend an entire night experiencing the nightlife in here.

Hutongs are often located near many attractions, allowing you to visit various historical buildings at night and then leisurely stroll through the hutongs.

In the hutongs, you'll find a variety of small shops, street food stalls, cafes, and bars.

I enjoy browsing for cute items here, trying out various foods, and if there's enough time, I'd choose a cozy little bar to sit down, have a beer, and unwind for the entire evening.

🌟Best Beijing Hutong Night Walking Tours

9.Night Walking to Wangfujing Street(Beijing CBD)

Wangfujing is one of Beijing's five CBD centers, with bright and spacious streets, towering buildings and numerous luxury brands, even the food is more upscale.

It doesn't have the down-to-earth hutong atmosphere, but a completely different style.

The most popular spots include: Wangfujing Catholic Church, Wangfujing Department Store, Lao She Memorial Hall, Wangfujing in88 mall etc.

🌟Best Beijing Wangfujing Night Walking Tours

10.Experience Beijing's Fashionable Place – Sanlitun

Sanlitun is known as Beijing's fashion center, with many young people gathering here, very lively even at night.

There are clusters of trendy brands, including Butterful Creamorous (iconic big green bag), BM, Uniqlo etc, and the prices are not expensive, it's the first choice for young people to shop.

In addition, there are many affordable foods here, Hong Jie Hot Pot is my favorite.

The Sanlitun bars are also places I like to go. Who can resist the young hormones, lol?

🌟Best Beijing Sanlitun Night Tours

11.Cruise on the Liangma River

Liangma River is known as the Seine River of Beijing.

With over 600 years of history, it crosses multiple ancient bridges, and is surrounded by many interesting buildings.

Nowadays many lighting effects have been added around Liangma River.

Visiting at night makes you feel like being amidst a galaxy, very beautiful.

Liangma River boat tours are a new attraction, taking a cruise ship through the Blue Harbor and Chaoyang Park is an immersive experience.

12.Boat Tour at Shichahai, Then a Couple Drinks at a Bar

Shichahai nights are so beautiful, I absolutely 100% recommend it.

It's close to the hutongs and Houhai Lake, most people choose to stroll and eat along the lakeside.

But the most fun is definitely boating, there are larger boats for groups, and tiny two-person boats suitable for couples.

Of course, you can also choose to row your own boat and go wherever you want.

There is also a very famous bar here – Great Leap Brewing. Converted from a traditional courtyard, I like its ambience.

🌟Best Beijing Shichahai Night Tours

13.Go to The Place to See The Asia Largest Screen

The Place is one of Beijing's famous spots.

It has the largest LCD screen in Asia, and is also a big mall, a good place for photos, dining and shopping.

However, there is no subway access here, and not many nearby attractions, so I suggest making it just one of the stops in your itinerary, so you won't feel it's too monotonous.

🌟Best Beijing Major Landmarks Night Tours

14.Go to Panjiayuan Night Market to Find Antiques

Panjiayuan Night Market (also called the Ghost Market,a night-only market), is the largest antique market in Asia.

Here you can find all kinds of antiques, including jade, woodwork, ancient coins, ceramics, bronze ware, etc.

There are also stalls selling used electronics, I like to hunt for old game consoles and game cards here, reminds me of fond childhood memories.

If you want to buy some small souvenirs, there are often nice surprises here.

🌟Best Beijing Night Shopping Tours

15.Enjoy a Nightclub Night

Want a night of revelry and passion? Then you must go to Beijing's nightclubs!

Workers' Stadium West Road is currently the hottest nightclub and bar street, with clusters of nightclubs in various styles, and many young people.

The Sanlitun bar street has a longer history, with many well-known bars, also a great nightlife destination.

Hutong nightclubs have more personality, with mostly live house performances, popular among foreigners.

🌟Best Beijing NightClubs Tours

16.Get a Massage to Relieve Your Fatigue

I like to get a massage or visit a spa after a day of sightseeing, it helps relieve the day's fatigue.

Beijing has many massage places and spas, especially traditional Chinese massages, including full body or just foot and back massages.

They provide plentiful snacks, some even let you sing karaoke or watch movies during the massage.

Also, Thai massage is very popular in Beijing, so you have a lot of options.

🌟Best Beijing Massage Tours


Is Beijing Safe at Night?

Beijing is very safe at night!

As the capital of China and an international metropolis, with the Chinese government's strict crackdown on crime, it's rare to encounter pickpockets or robbers here. You're also free to move around at night without police questioning you.

Is Beijing Busy at Night?

Yes, Beijing is busy at night.

With tens of millions of people, Beijing also has a very vibrant nightlife. You can do anything you can imagine in the evenings – see my list above. Of course, drugs and gambling are not allowed here.

Does Beijing Have Nightclubs?

Yes, there are many nightclubs in Beijing.

The most popular nightlife area for young people is Gongti Xi Lu, also Sanlitun and 798 Art District, while bars in the hutongs are often open air.

Can You Drink Alcohol in Beijing?

Yes, you can.

China, including Beijing, does not ban alcohol. You can buy alcohol in any convenience store, supermarket, restaurant, bar, hotel, or club.

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